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3. Do not trust anybody who offers a deal with a WESTERN UNION!

Seat машины купить на Кипре.

Бесплатные авто и мото объявления на Кипре. Seat машины купить на Кипре.

  • Seat Ibiza 2011 год Ларнака 289 € в месяц

    2011  Seat Ibiza 1.2L

    289 € в месяц Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI SE COPA ST 7 Speed Automatic The SEAT Ibiza ST is a small estate car based on the Ibiza supermini, which offers lots of space with low running costs. Auto gear box is just excellent 7 speed auto is more fun. On the plus side it is very practical with loads of storage space. Robustly built and well equipped Easy to access interior. Stylish looks With a sense of Spanish flair, the Ibiza ST is the most stylish car in its class and has plenty of luggage space in this model as a result of its sleeker design. *REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE 9.51% APR (Variable)* Representative Example; Borrowing €10,000 over 48 months at 9.12% per annum with an administration and arrangement fee of €595 would bring the total loan amount to €10,595, repaying €264.26 per month, total repayable €12,684.53 with a representative APR of 9.51% (variable).
    Опубликовано: 1 week ago
    Последнее обновление: 3 days ago
    Просмотры: 74
  • Seat Ibiza 2003 год Никосия 1,700 €

    2003  Seat Ibiza 

    1,700 € SEAT IBIZA MANUAL YEAR 2003 Seat Ibiza year 2003 car for sale - Cyprus car, one owner, good condition, manual, 110 km
    Опубликовано: 6 days ago
    Просмотры: 72
  • Seat Ibiza 2002 год Ларнака 1,350 €

    2002  Seat Ibiza 

    1,350 € SEAT IBIZA SDI FOR SALE.... SEAT IBIZA SDI 2002-19 Aloga Sketo - Manual - Diesel In price includes 4 extra aluminum rims.. Mixanika polla polla kali Polla katharo pou mesa Etimo sto dromo...... 1350.00 euros For more information 96451315
    Опубликовано: 1 week ago
    Просмотры: 88
  • Seat Ibiza 2000 год Никосия 2,300 €

    2000  Seat Ibiza 

    2,300 € Polite seat ibiza salun tou 2000 19 sdi polli oikonomiko se poli kali katastasi Opkios endiaferete na epikinonisi mazi m
    Опубликовано: 1 week ago
    Просмотры: 52
  • Seat Ibiza 2004 год Никосия 1,050 €

    2004  Seat Ibiza 1.4L 110,000 км

    1,050 € Πωλείται Αυτοκίνητο Saloon SEAT IBIZA Κυπριακό ένας ιδιοκτήτης με Αρ. Εγγραφής HYM227 1400 CC με θόρυβο από το Gear Box με 1100.000 Km στην Τιμή : 1050 Ευρώ.
    Опубликовано: 2 weeks ago
    Просмотры: 176
  • Seat Cordoba 2004 год Ларнака 2,400 €

    2004  Seat Cordoba 1.4L 143 км

    2,400 € Seat Córdoba 2004 , petrol engine 1.4, 143 km, manual gear, colour grey, electric windows,electric mirrors,6 air bags,alloy wheels, new tiers,clarion music system, A/C Car is in very good condition In and out CYPRUS CAR mot 2018 Road tax 2017 end of this year Price 2500 Phone 96516403 LARNACA
    Опубликовано: 2 months ago
    Последнее обновление: 1 month ago
    Просмотры: 176