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  • Jaguar X-type 2003 год Ларнака 3,000 €

    2003  Jaguar X-type 2.1L 300,000 км

    3,000 € Jaguar X-Type from 2003, V6, 24 valvs, 2.1 Litre petrol, automatic gear box Cyprus car!! no rust. The best Jaguar you can buy for this money. I have invested a lot of money and time in this car, it runs like a dream, it is mechanical perfect, great condition. The engine is like a jewelry. Changed in the last months: ✅New dinamos/alternator ✅New brakes ✅New brake disks ✅Front shock absorbers ✅All bush under the car changed ✅All engine gaskets changed ✅All filters and oil change ✅Sport exaust (also i have the stock one) ✅Sport air filter (also i have the stock one) ✅Wheel alignment ✅New battery The new owner dont have to spend not one cent for it, it is in very good condition. Engine looks and runs perfect!! Any check welcomed, any mechanical check welcomed. No mechanical issues whatsoever. No rust. ✅Road tax paid until end of the year ✅MOT valid until August 2022. ✅Remap for more HP and lower petrol consumption NOT NEGOCIABLE PRICE!!
    Опубликовано: 2 months ago
    Последнее обновление: 4 weeks ago
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