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2006 Mazda RX8 4,000 €

Опубликовано: 30 Nov 2016 · 265

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Контакты продавца

Agathoklis Pieri Ларнака


Профиль в Facebook: Agathoklis Pieri

Местоположение: Ларнака

Год: 2006

Состояние: Подержанная

Цена: 4,000

Пробег: 174,000 км

Кузов: Купе

КПП: Ручная

Топливо: Бензин

Информация от продавца

This is a 2006 Mazda RX-8 with all stock options never been modified and regurarly serviced every 10,000 km. I am living in Larnaca and for the past 5 years I have been commuting regularly to Nicosia. The car has 174,00km mainly travelled on high-way the engine is in perfect condition, all checks are welcome by all means.
The interior of the car is in perfect condition, look at the driver's seat no indication of wear. The paintwork is in very good condition, the car has been kept always in garage
I am listing all options below:
Build Year: 2006
174,000 km
Hi-Power: 230 hp
6 Speed Manual
KeyLess entry (i have also spare card, that came with the car)MP3 player

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